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Domestic Money Remittance services is becoming a necessity to many who live in India.

Domestic Money Remittance is a service offered using the IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) method which is provided by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India). Immediate Payment Service is an instant money transfer service introduced by NPCI which provides 24x7 instant fund transfer facility to bank customers across India.

What are the benefits of IMPS?

  • Instant
  • Available 24x7 (functional even on holidays)
  • Safe and secure, easily accessible and cost effective
  • Debit & Credit Confirmation by SMS.

Which are the banks covered under this facility?

  • At present there are 66 leading banks + similar number of co-perative / grameen banks are tied up with NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) to provide this facility. More banks will follow soon. The banks which are not covered under IMPS facility can still be used to send money using NEFT facility.

Can a remitter avail this facility after banking hours also?

  • Yes. One can avail this facility even after banking hours also. IMPS works 24 x 7 x 365 days while NEFT works on stipulated banking hours.

How to avail this facility as a customer?

  • Simply walk-in to one of our dealers office who offer Domestic Money Remittance facility. Inform the dealer with required details like Receiver’s Name, Bank Ac Details, etc.,. The dealer will login to our terminal. Enter the customer's details, bank details, IFSC etc & send money to the receiver. Once our dealer send the transfer request, the money will be credited to the receiver's bank account in next few minutes**

    ** Subeject to Network availability. Receiving bank's CBS node should be online. Not applicable to banks which are not in the IMPS P2A list.
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